Our mission is to mobilise Christian action on homelessness and housing need through love, justice, advocacy and nurture.


Our vision is of a society where everyone has access to a home that truly meets their needs. This means a secure and genuinely affordable home, in a neighbourhood where an individual can access work and services that enable them to flourish.


The values which underpin the work of Housing Justice are:

  • Respecting the worth and dignity of each individual – Caring for the whole person
  • Believing in social justice – Priority to the marginalised and those experiencing poverty
  • Working for the highest quality in all we do, inspired by excellence and professionalism
  • Having authority – Being recognised as a trusted source of expertise and information
  • Valuing difference – Welcoming diversity in staff, services and those whom we serve
  • Working in partnership – Recognising the strength of working in partnership with those of all faiths and none
  • Having integrity – Accountability to each other and to all our stakeholders

Strategic Plan

Download our most recent Strategic Plan (2021-2024)

Housing Justice mobilises churches and other faith/ community groups to take action to address homelessness and housing need in the many forms it takes. Specifically we:

  • Set up and support Winter Night Shelters- providing a place of hospitality for people who would otherwise be sleeping rough
  • Link people with spare rooms up with destitute migrants and support them both as they share a home.
  • Support churches to identify ways they can use church assets for the benefit of those who are in housing need or homeless.
  • Support church and community groups to develop other local responses to homelessness and housing need.
  • Raise awareness amongst Christians about homelessness and housing need.



The last five years has seen a significant increase in the measures of acute homelessness such as rough sleeping and the use of bed & breakfast accommodation.  The need is getting more visible and more acute.


Strategy 2020 – 2023

We will:

1- Sustain and grow the national network of Winter Night Shelters (WNS Network) and continue to support and develop the WNS Network Quality Mark.

2-Develop the work of WNS Network to provide longer term support through our Citadel model; befriending former guests and helping them to rebuild from a place of strength.

3-Develop and providing support for specific disadvantages groups of homeless people including destitute migrants and those leaving prison.

4-Supported by the GLA work intensively with the WNS Network in London help them to increase their reach to help more homeless people . We will help to link them in with other services that can assist them by improving their chances of successful move on and reducing the possibility of them returning to the streets.

5- Supported by MHCLG work with the WNS Network outside of London to help them to build fruitful partnerships for the benefit of guests and encourage take up of the Quality Mark.

6-Supported by the Nationwide Foundation we will be developing out our Faith in Affordable Housing model in Wales, enabling churches to turn church land into affordable housing and helping churches to explore other creative ways of addressing housing need.

7-Work with other organisations and statutory bodies to tackle homelessness issues that arise during the next three years.

8-Develop a better understanding of the drivers of success or blocks for those we help.

9-Highlight our Christian distinctiveness by:

  • Continuing to develop Homeless Sunday so as to create an environment for church debate and church action.
  • Continue to be a partner in the Remembrance Service at St Martin in the Field
  • Partnering to hold a Thanksgiving service for the night shelters across London at St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Exploring a Thanksgiving service in Wales led by Archbishop John

10-Raise awareness of our activities so as to mobilise support for our work.

11-Maintain a tight grip on our cost-effectiveness so that maximum resources are devoted to our core purpose.

12-Diversify our funding base to support our work.


In the Gospels, Jesus gives us a new commandment, that we love one another. Just as Jesus loves us, so we ought to love one another. By this everyone will know that we are Jesus’ disciples, if we have love for one another.

In the spirit of Jesus’ words, and inspired by the reflections of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, we believe that in order to flourish, every community must realise that not only do the weak need the strong, but also that the strong cannot exist without the weak. The marginalisation of the weak leads to a broken humanity.

We work across all Christian denominations, whilst acknowledging our Anglican and Roman Catholic roots by inhabiting the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

Having said that, we welcome staff, volunteers, trustees, supporters and guests from all faiths and none. We do not expect anyone at Housing Justice to subscribe to the Christian faith, just to understand and acknowledge our values.