Do you want to help somebody get their life back on track?

To volunteer in Swansea please get in touch with Nigel.
To volunteer in Neath Port Talbot please get in touch with Mandy.
To volunteer in Wrexham please get in touch with Mike.

About The Project

The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold – Psalm 18:2.

The word citadel means a ‘fortress’ or ‘stronghold’

The aim of the project is to help people maintain their tenancies & accommodation arrangements to prevent a return to homelessness.

We achieve this by matching people with trained volunteers who use a strength-based approach to help individuals find a ‘stronghold’ within themselves. Volunteers will work with individuals to identify their needs and address them together.

This could be connecting with the local community, seeking meaningful employment, accessing a sport or a new hobby. It may also require advocacy to help individuals access the services they need such as health or financial services.

Volunteers are provided with full training (at no cost) and are fully supported by our qualified staff.


Get Involved

For more information or to get involved with volunteering please get in touch with Nigel (Swansea), Mandy (Neath Port Talbot) or Mike (Wrexham)



Nigel Williams
Citadel Coordinator


Neath Port Talbot

Mandy Town
Citadel Coordinator




Mike McKenna
Citadel Coordinator



Hayley Grist
Senior Regional Catalyst Worker



Andrew's Story

About this volunteering

Citadel volunteers offer a wide range of support to help individuals avoid homelessness and build a happy and successful life.

The type of thing you do will depend on your abilities and desires. The type of support that we need most is largely emotional support. If you are suitable and willing, you’ll be matched with an individual who needs on-going support with settling into their new home. You’d meet up at least once a week to listen and understand their needs, and the support you’ll offer could include having a coffee and a chat, attending an appointment with them or helping them to register with a GP. This volunteering role is for people who can offer at least one hour a week, for 3-6 months.

Some volunteers just help with small DIY tasks, delivering food parcels from the food bank or sourcing household items. This volunteering role can be flexible to the time you have available.

✔️ Our most flexible volunteering opportunity ever
✔️ Build relationships and see people progress week-by-week
✔️ You’ll be supported by a full-time Citadel Coordinator

✔️ 100% positive feedback from past volunteers
✔️ 100% of respondents would consider volunteering for us again
✔️ 100% of respondents would recommend our volunteering to a friend

The Need For Citadel

According to recent research,  90% of those who had experienced homelessness in the last five years were still worried about their housing situation.1

Additionally, 82% of our former guests said they wanted further support, which tells us that there is a huge need for ongoing support despite the services that already exist.

Further feedback from people experiencing homelessness showed that more tailored support is needed, which focuses on the person and ‘what matters’ to them: “Everyone is individual. There are not enough services that treat you like an individual”. 

It was also noted that generic tenancy support sometimes misses the personalised nuances that can make all the difference to maintaining tenancies. As such, we have designed Citadel around the person, to meet an individuals’ particular needs.


A more tailored approach to tenancy support is needed now more than ever before

In August alone 476 individuals were moved into suitable long-term accommodation. This is fantastic news, but it does mean that there is now a new wave of vulnerable people who need support to maintain their tenancy.

We know that of the 407 people who were accommodated during the first lockdown, 1 in 4 have already returned to the streets.

To meet this need, our support has become more preventative. We have moved our resources ‘upstream’ to ensure people can sustain their tenancies – giving them the best possible start in their new homes.

This will enable us to, more effectively, help more people.


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Download our Citadel info-flyer here



Am y Prosiect

Yn ystod camau cynnar yr achosion o Covid-19, buom yn gweithio gyda Llywodraeth Cymru a phartneriaid i symud 900 o bobl i lety brys. Nawr, rydyn ni’n gweithio’n galed i symud yr unigolion hyn i denantiaethau mwy parhaol.

I lawer, hwn fydd y tro cyntaf iddynt gael mynediad i gartref ar ôl cyfnodau hir o ddigartrefedd a chysgu ar y stryd. Gall hwn fod yn gyfnod anodd iawn i bobl ac mae tenantiaethau yn aml yn chwalu yn y chweched mis cyntaf.

Felly, mae angen cefnogaeth ar lawer o unigolion i ymgartrefu yn eu cartref newydd a’u bywyd newydd i’w hatal rhag dod yn ôl ar y strydoedd. Dyna pam rydyn ni wedi datblygu Citadel, ond i wneud iddo weithio, rydyn ni eich angen chi.

Cefndir y Prosiect

Ystyr y gair citadel yw ‘caer’ neu ‘cadarnle’

Nod y prosiect yw helpu pobl i gynnal eu tenantiaethau a’u trefniadau llety i atal dychwelyd i ddigartrefedd.

Rydym yn cyflawni hyn trwy baru pobl â gwirfoddolwyr hyfforddedig sy’n defnyddio dull seiliedig ar gryfder i helpu unigolion i ddod o hyd i ‘gadarnle’ ynddynt eu hunain. Bydd gwirfoddolwyr yn gweithio gydag unigolion i nodi eu hanghenion a mynd i’r afael â nhw gyda’i gilydd.

Gallai hyn fod yn cysylltu â’r gymuned leol, ceisio cyflogaeth ystyrlon, cyrchu camp neu hobi newydd. Efallai y bydd angen eiriolaeth arno hefyd i helpu unigolion i gael mynediad at y gwasanaethau sydd eu hangen arnynt fel gwasanaethau iechyd neu ariannol.

Cymryd Rhan

✔️ Ein cyfle gwirfoddoli mwyaf hyblyg erioed
✔️ Adeiladu perthnasoedd a gweld pobl yn symud ymlaen wythnos i wythnos
✔️ Cewch eich cefnogi gan Gydlynydd Citadel amser llawn

Feedback adborth cadarnhaol 100% gan gyn-wirfoddolwyr
Would Byddai 100% o’r ymatebwyr yn ystyried gwirfoddoli i ni eto
Would Byddai 100% o’r ymatebwyr yn argymell ein bod yn gwirfoddoli i ffrind

I gymryd rhan gyda Citadel yn Abertawe, cysylltwch â Nigel
I gymryd rhan gyda Citadel yn Castell-nedd Port Talbot, cysylltwch â Briony
I gymryd rhan gyda Citadel yn Wrecsam, cysylltwch â Bonnie